Increase Max FOV

The current FOV range (the max range - not the default setting) is too small, please increase it to the level of Vermintide 2 or at least to where it was in the closed beta. I figure that this is probably a measure to hide how terrible the game’s performance really is if you play with more appropriate settings, but making the game feel claustrophobic for a lot of people including myself ain’t the way to remedy that. I cannot think of any good reason other than that. Increasing the range costs you literally nothing to reimplement.


I just made another post stating this exact sentiment. I’m so sick of being hit by enemies that are just out of my FOV when in the closed beta I could have seen them. It feels like I’m a horse with blinders on. Bumping this thread in hopes they actually notice.

You can. In the file C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide\user_settings.config find line 111 and set vertical_fov to 150 e.g. so it looks like this:

vertical_fov = 150

This leads to a HFOV of 167° as it’s scaled up from vertical FOV.
Small tip: don’t go to 150. It’s soooo much FOV. :smiley: 105 seems quite good to me. And: the FOV is not affected while in the Hub but only in the missions.


He forgot to mention that A:150 is hilarious, B: You need to save the file and completely reboot darktide for changes to take effect.

This needs to be where you should not need to manually update that setting in the data fields of the user settings. C’mon FatShark, we are the emperors chosen, not cycloptic mutants. Please give us a proper FOV like Vermintide 2.

For those that cannot find it you will need to enable viewing of hidden folders to be able to access the data. ALternatively you can type in the location information and open the file in Notepad. DO NOT USE WORDPAD OR WORD You will regret it if you do.

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Okay not only do you not want to implement a higher max fov apparently, but also the first thing that you do when rolling out an update is patching out the option for fov in the config file. Great way to dunk on players. For all of you out there, who did not make the mistake of unchecking writing protection for the config file like I did: Keep it on!