Inconsistent combat..... 318 hours at a + 163 Kruber

VT 2’s combat system is horrid compared to VT 1.

Yes, sure… it is not the first game and “shouldn’t be compared to another” but when the combat is literally based off the same system, one cannot help but do that.

#1: Inconsistent hits - Same enemy, same difficulty; critical hit head-shots stagger sometimes. This inconsistency forces you to take hits even when it is calculated. Should you decide to take a defensive posture such as block, you are easily overrun after; especially in the legendary game mode.

#2: Enemy animations make them invulnerable - similar to the same situation as the first point but overwhelmingly prevalent when enemies are doing some type of animation; such as climbing over an obstacle or performing an attack - making them invulnerable to damages. Countless times I have hit special enemies in the head, many critical strikes before they hop over a barrier or doing an attack - this does not kill them yet they are able to perform complete power attacks the moment they are done with the animation and are still immune to damage, generally causing you either take damage or forced to back-step dodge to avoid it and causing you to be in a disadvantage although it is clear you had the advantage.

#3: Block is unresponsive - Comparatively to the first game, where the blocks were instantaneous; after the player makes an attack or during an attack you cannot block even though you are holding the block button, forcing you to take the hit. This coincides with the above two points. MAKE BLOCK INSTANT LIKE THE FIRST GAME SO PLAYERS ARE NOT PUNISHED FOR TERRIBLE MECHANICS SUCH AS ANIMATION DAMAGE IMMUNITY!!!

#4: Attacks going through enemies - Even as host with a rig that is better than amazing, melee and ranged attacks will go completely through an enemy without registering a hit that should cause the enemy to halt or stagger, forcing you to take the hit; as the block mechanic is unresponsive as mentioned above, players cannot block the attacks that should not be happening in the first place.

#5: Berserkers - These particular enemies coincide with the above and have the most prevalent issue. During their attack animations, they cannot be staggered or damaged allowing them to hit the player causing catastrophic damage they should not have taken at all. This as well relates to rot helms, storm vermin and two-handed axe infantry. They all have this same issue related to point #1. If they were designed like this, your play testers should have been fired along time ago.


I think the stagger inconsistency you’re noticing is because some animations have more stagger resist than others.

Zerkers can be briefly staggered out of their flurry with a shield push but you need a crit and it doesn’t happen often. Pushing them is a bad idea anyway cause you can snag a hit doing that.

On the top of deadman attacks hitting you when you’ve clearly whacked them in the head first, I think it comes back to latency. You’re talking about timeframes of half a second or less and it gets pretty sketchy with exactly how much you can depend on what is on screen. The game is either prioritizing animations or the attack has already hit you on the host’s machine and you just do not know it yet.

Some weapons do have more responsive block than others. Axe and Shield, Hammer and Shield, are two like this. A+S blocks right away. H+S has the deadzone. Not sure why.

Im actually getting tons of inconstancy lately, hordes changed from “lol this again” to “oh boy im taking damage and I don’t know why”


In regards to point 3, I started taking a lot more hits after they worked on fixing weaponswitch bugs. It seemed to affect the delay with putting your block up somehow, because even though the weapon is up and shields are showing I eat a hit sometimes due to some weird magical delay in the first miliseconds. (Which is easily noticeable considering the constant barrage of mobs this game throws at you.)

And its not latency either - I get it when I host, I get it when I’m client. Though its especially horrible when a client.

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Same. Lots of times where I for example start a push attack with Slayer right as or even before say a Stormvermin starts and overhead attack, I start this push attack knowing this attack will kill the Stormvermin, yet somehow the overhead attack still whallops me even though I SEE the push attack hit the Stormvermin first. It is total garbage.

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Yep this happens alot:
In the middle of a combo attack
See enemy winding up an attack
Try to cancel attack animation to block
Enemy hits me anyway.

Sometimes if they have already started their attack animation you just can’t block it, have to dodge or hope your attack is faster.

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I somehow also feel like my weapon can’t pierce as many mobs. Keep hitting them but nothing happens. Also the lunging attacks are back even for rats.

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