Inconsistency in presented damage values with the actual damage

Issue Description:

Main thesis:

  1. Incorrect damage values in the damage table in-game.
  2. Plasma Gun no critical hit issue in case of Flak/Carapace/Unyielding armour
  3. Limb hit detection reducing damage in cases where it shouldn’t really.

Charged shots of Plasma Gun have inconsistent values comparatively to the damage table that we can look at in-game. Also, Plasma shots have issue of no crit proc, and cases of damage being reduced to certain targets (specific information is provided in google sheets).
Additional issue with plasma gun: game uses different damage modifiers when hits are made to specific body parts, like hands/legs etc. Damage tests were done with that in mind. The game registers only the first hitbox of a shot that hit it, regardless if that shot has penetrated the target’s body or head on it’s way further, effectively reducing the damage in half, while Plasma gun has both uncharged and charged shot penetration (for all armour types except Carapace). It’s either a bug or an oversight and should not function the way it does. The game should register if a shot hit the limb first, would then penetrate the target further and if it hit the body or the head, it should either deal extra damage or minimum body/weakspot damage instead. It just simply doesn’t make sense if you hit the guy with a searing plasma charge that easily goes through and just because it hit target’s hand/finger first, the damage is now effectively halved, even though the shot itself went right through that target’s chest/body.

The google sheets will be updated with more data on different weapons, because I’ve seen inconsistencies with other ranged and melee weapons alike. If any of forum users have intention of helping collecting the data - be my guests, you can PM me for the google sheets access.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Enter Meat grinder as a Veteran class.
  2. Use Plasma Gun uncharged/charged shots on different armour types.
  3. Compare the damage results with in-game damage table.
  4. Look for absence of critical hits in certain instances (Flak/Carapace armour with charged/uncharged shots).


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Constant (100%)

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