In-depth Guides [Legend & Cataclysm] - All careers, all weapons

Hello verminslayers.
I’m working on a series of guides for all five characters, trying to cover every possible build and playstyle that is even remotely viable (for both Legend and Cataclysm difficulties).
You can check them in my Steam profile: Steam Community :: JockXtar :: Guides

After many hours of practicing, theorizing and testing, I’ve got some interesting stuff that I want to share with the community.

One of the things that make me love this game so much is the diversity in weapons and talents to choose from, which can create very interesting and even unintended viable playstyles in some cases.
I’m making these guides with the goal of showcasing more playstyles than what are considered “meta” or “strong” (those are included as well). In many cases these weird builds can help freshen up the experience of playing a career by giving it a twist into fulfilling a different role that the one/s they were originally intended for.

Either if you are new to the game or a hardcore veteran with over 2000 hours played, I’m sure that you will find something interesting in them.

I originally intended to release the guides for all the characters at the same time, but Sienna’s Necromancer career announcement put a clock on my head and, tbh, it felt dumb to not start releasing them as soon as they were completed.

Current state: Sienna’s guide is out, waiting for the release of the Necromancer career to make the update.
Kruber’s and Viktor’s guides are ready to be worked on; testing is done, the only things left are the writing and outlining some minor details.
Kerillian’s is midway through testing and Bardin’s still very far away.

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