In 2 games at once - Dark Omens

Not sure how to repeat this one… So I’ll just share what all happened.

I queued up for Dark Omens on Legend, it said I was joining but nothing changed. So I decided to queue up again, the next queue went through, I joined a group of two in the keep and went into the Bridge of Shadows. The game started fine and I was in the game with them for a few minutes, then I saw someone else say I need to do something or they’ll kick me. I asked if anyone else in my game saw the chat, they replied no, but the names that weren’t in my game asked if I was meaning to type into discord or if I was just trolling. Then I got kicked by the people that weren’t in the game with me, which removed me from both games and put me into a game with bots.

I didn’t take any screen shots during my gameplay because I didn’t realize I was in two games, or chats, until the others asked me. Then I was promptly kicked from both games. I’ve tried repeating it so maybe I could get a screenshot, but no luck so far.

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