I'm sad

Because when I use the plasmagun with my vet, and he reloads when the heat is high, he burns his fingies and the other veterans bully him.
“Stop whining!”
“Are you sure you can handle that weapon?”

Why is everyone so mean to me?? :frowning: I won’t use the plasmagun ever again!

Now for real, why is the “professional” vet the only one who whines about the heat of ALL the 3?


I did not even know there were special voice lines for this event.
I assume the other two don’t have them added yet OR something is off with the trigger.
Or you might just be unlucky, since rarely anyone ever uses the Plasmagun.

You’re pretty much an outlier here.

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I’ve never heard any such lines on my Professional Vet. Granted, I don’t play the plasma a lot, but I’ve gotten some long sessions on it… Hmmmm.

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I have 600hs and yesterday was the first time I’ve heard them. I’m guessing they were added on the last few patches

Yeah they were added with the rejects unite update. You whine about the plasma heat and if other vets are in the lobby they call you a wuss. Also there are extended dialogues for barreling teammates. Ogryns get excited when barrels go off now.

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Oh, well, that clears it up! I’ve not played plasma since before the patch and I constantly hear the ogryn get excited for exploding barrels…

Thank you, Stalin!

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Well they better add some because I want to get back at them, specially when they literally EXPLODE from misusing the plasmagun.

It’s possible considering that it’s only when recharging and not when venting

if only you could equip gloves that could handle the heat.

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