Plasma Heat Dissipation Dmg


Should i not be save when using Special Weapon Attack on Plasma to dissipate Heat when its in the Yeelow/Orange. For me that Color repersents safety, NO?!

I get damaged when im at around 40%/30%…


The damage is not a bug, but i think the venting of the heat is bugged. There was an issue at the start of the open beta where the psyker quell ability was bugged and was not venting their perils correctly. They fixed this for him. However i think the same issueis going on with the plasma as well. I found that if you vent the gun, it takes longer to cool down then just letting it cool down by itself.

Also if oyu wanna cool the gun, just reload it, it cools it all the way with no damage.

Also also, if you wanna cheese it. Reload the weapon, as soon as you see the heat decrease, use the vets ability (If you took sustained fire at level 30) it instantly reloads the weapon that way you can skip half the reload animation.


Reload is safe, veniting is slower than dissipate normally.
Should be fixed for sure!

i dont mind taking dmg when venitng if too high. but now its not good