I'm banned

Issue Description: i’ve been banned from the game but i cant figure how long i will be banned, can someone tell me with my logs how long i’m supposed to be banned ? thank you
Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:

console-2023-05-15-13.16.06-76b2c062-b76b-46d8-b931-3731ebb1f521.log (19.9 KB)

till unixtime 1684224870442, that is 16h from time i sent this post. time is in logs

thank you

You can get banhammered in Darktide? Wow.

i also wonder what they have done, it would be rude to ask

BHV means bad behavior, i personally believe these kind of things should not be regulated

how does people report each other in darktide though, i never knew it was a thing

In that case, @ggg, let me.

@khalgath hey bro, what did you do? You took all the ammo and then shot the daemonhost, right?

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You can be reported by people writing an e-mail support ticket to Fatshark. I’ve seen it happen before.
Almost a daily occurance. Someone comes into the Darktide Discord and asks how they can report someone.
I’ve seen people cite the name of a character as a reason or racist language and such.