Idle specials - no action after spawn

Issue Summary:

Sometimes, after they spawn, specials just stand around and do nothing. No movement, no attack. When a player moves close enough, they start behaving normally.
Experienced this with ratling, flamer, packmaster. The others seem to be working as usual.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Common (< 50%)

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Packmasters, when trying to escape up a wall that they cannot climb upon, will then get stuck walking into the wall.

They end up not grabbing anyone even when walking up close to them because they seem to be stuck trying to make their escape.

Happens a lot on Into the Nest.

Nah, this isn’t that.
I hear them spawn, and look for them, then I just see them standing around, maybe before, maybe after a drop position. Since I was playing VR with raker, I expected them to come up to me but they were just standing around. Then I started moving closer to get them in one hit and when I’m close enough, then they start moving/attacking again.

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