Idea on mutators

What if mutators gave the ocassional chance to drop a deed that could be repeated infinitely to replay said mutator in one’s own groups? I think it could be pretty neat and it would incentivize people to replay the mutators more in order to get the deed drop for the week. Anyone got any thoughts on this idea?

  • It would be neat to get a repeatable deed for the mutator
  • I would prefer mutators be restricted to their week
  • Other

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It dropping deeds would be cool, but I think they could just be single use.

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I’d like to see the weekly mutators included in the deeds rework that will come someday (let’s hope this year).

Craftable deeds where you can pick your mutators and they change the quality of your rewards depending of the nasty-ness of them + their combination, I’d heckin love that.


Would’ve be cool if those mutators gave us at least something

Okri need to support those mutators with some rewards, they are not easy to do soemtimes and its lame that you get nothing from Okri by doing it.

Im looking foward for: Heavy ranstorm mutator

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