I think V2 would be an amazing base game for a MOBA mod

No, seriously.
I expect alot of haters on this one, but as a big fan of the MOBA genre, and mobas roots in modding, I couldnt help but think of the idea.

basically, I love the melee combat in V2, and the ranged combat. taking that gameplay and using it in a multiplayer setting like a moba sounds amazing to me.

1.the rats and chaos gods make for great minion distinction i think. with advantages and disadvantages to each.
so one side would have rats, the other chaos men. I would keep the ai very similar to how it is now, but with a stationary spawn point, using the patrol animations to make them march down lane. they fight each other, or if you land a kill you get gold. instead of only having 6 mininos, i would keep the games dynamic ai director pumping out different mob varieties, while also making the director symmetrical for each opposing side.

  1. as for itemization and classes, I would keep alot of what is there now to get the mod off the ground while creating classes. For instance, make bounty hunter victor, his own special character, lock him into a certain melee and ranged weapon type (IE axe and bow). Now, when you get gold and go to purchase items, unlike other mobas, where you can see a guy with 6 of the same sword or item, we use V2’s item slot system to make player builds distinguishable and cosmetically fun. for instance, you start off with a crappy axe. as you kill minions and players, you get gold, you come back and you can upgrade that axe down a number of item trees. say a crit axe, or a tank axe, etc… all the while, as you upgrade your weapon, it makes use of the in game illusion assets to actually make a visible cosmetic change based on your build. I would also remove the trinket and charm slots, and replace those stat slots with the cosmetically visible, headpieces and armor in the game. (IE, you pick a different headpiece, you get different stats, and the build is entirely visible on your character.

  2. Map design, naturally in an fps setting, ranged characters will have a natural advantage in pvp, so making use of the in game assets for debris and LOS obstructions in lane would be very important. but the game has great lane assets, (civilized territory, houses streets etc) and it has great wildlife assets for the jungle part of the map.(trees, rocks, caves, plank bridges etc…) I would make it symmetrical just like all the other mobas. maybe use cannons for towers, in game bosses for jungle camps. maybe use the rat bells for inhibs?

  3. Skills and leveling. as with any other moba, you must be able to go into a skill build, IE (leveling up your q before your e). I would achieve this by using a passive skill with incremental levels for your weapons.
    For example, one hero, lets say merc kruber, would get a skill where his attack speed and range increase for 3 seconds. as you level that skill up, it increases its stat gains with some dependability on itemization. keep current ults for each class to get the mod up and running, level the ults up to increase effectiveness. that is only 2 out of 4 abilities though. for the third ability, i would make use of your extra weapon slot, and make it an action skill. For instance, you are ironbreaker dwarf, with a hammer. when you press q, you start to use your flamethrower for a few seconds, and then the weapon goes on cooldown, your auto attack weapon comes back out.

just a rough idea i have been drumming up for the past few days, let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas for me. I think I want to make this mod a reality.


No offense, but I despise MOBAS. Buuut, I can see some promise in your idea. Of course, good luck implementing it.

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I don’t feel Warhammer is well suited to the MOBA genre. I’d much rather see more story-based, character driven, first-person experiences, especially for Warhammer Fantasy.


i dislike MOBAs too, but i can certainly see the potential for it with warhammer 40k dawn of war 2 (heavy tactical gameplay, large focus on quality vs quantity, positioning and ability timing is key) the key elements of a good moba.

i loved the last stand mode in DoW2, but sadly, sega screwed that dream all up.

as always, i would play it, if it had sexy rude elves in it

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Please lord no :tired_face:

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Nah, man! Battle royal, man!

Anyway, my personal opinion: Enough with MOBAs. I’d rather see a proper story driven 3rd person RPG set in the grim world of Warhammer. I have this wild dream of CD PROJEKT RED getting the license for Warhammer and making a game like that…


3rd person warhammer 40k = Space Marine (the game)

you play the ROLE of a space marine captain… but i guess it isn’t classified as an RPG rofl. also, it isn’t the medieval warhammer genre. as close as it gets tho

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No no no… Not 40K. We have more than enough 40K games. I want a proper Warhammer Fantasy game :slight_smile:


You mean Age of Sigmar? :smiley:

“And then the StormBorne Eternals came down on their lightning pegasus and totally smote all the verminkin and it was so killer rad and metal” - Vermintide: Age of Baffling decisions

To be clear I do agree with @deagin about Vermintide having potential being a decent themed MOBA, I’m just burnt-out on MOBAs in general with the market over saturated with them. IMO the Warhammer IP has been thrown around a lot to the point that software developers have created some rather poor products. If a Vermintide themed MOBA was to be created, it would have to be held to a higher standard than what has been released in the past.


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It’s like almost 30 years that I’m waiting for something like that…

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more like wfrp, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Roleplay

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