I support your monetization policy, Fatshark. I am Pro-Capitalism

Dear Fatshark,

I, as a loyal whale, will continue to buy your cosmetics even though the communists in this forum VEHEMENTLY disagree. I’ve never seen a more apoplectic group of individuals in this forum; but, I digress, me buying more of your cosmetics gives me so much satisfaction to seeing the heretics who are against your monetization policy become mentally and emotionally unstable. You have a customer (whale) for life, Fatshark.

-Capitalistic Whale

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weird flex but ok.

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Uh…I sense this post will go nowhere good, so, I’m just locking this one for good measure, but thanks for the support, I guess?

Edit: “nowhere” not “no where”. This post sponsored by cold and flu meds. :sneezing_face: