I should martyr myself NOW

I enjoy most of the Penances as they generally encourage a different play style, or accomplishment.

Everyshot counts - wants you to use a weapon with a low ammo economy like the plasma gun

On overwatch - play a full sniper build and support your team by ripping apart elites from the squad’s backline.

There is nothing but the abyss… - a berserker play style where when faced with danger you fight harder

Friends will be friends - a bodyguard style where you protect your teammates at all costs.

You get the point.

Most challenges can be done fairly easily by simply changing your loadout and play style without hurting the overall effectiveness of the team. Then there is “out with a bang” a penance that tells the player to blow themselves over and over until they happen to kill 3 elites.

Down yourself in the middle of fight in hopes that the tiny aoe of 600 damage ( at maximum ramp up with 4 warp charges) kills those three elites mmmm yeah I’m not sure what play style this encourages unless your cosplaying a pox bomber


Some penances are utter trash. Out with a bang while the explosion deals measly damage, make every shot count etc. It’s pure luck. Not gonna even try anymore after countless failed attempts till they get reworked.

Yeah they can be bad but i did them all without cheesingcheesong

Psyker penances serve… NO purpose.

You should grief your team NOW


I got going out with a bang on gamepass in a solo lobby pretty easily. I bought the game on steam and am trying to do the same thing and it’s significantly harder. Getting an empty lobby seems to just be impossible. Someone either loads in and ruins the attempt by trying to be a good teammate or I end up in a lobby with people trying to actually play the game. Very frustrating.

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I feel like all the psyker penances are based on an older version of psyker powers. For instance, brain burst was way faster and cheaper in the closed beta