I only got the beta helmet

So I played the game a lot during the beta, and I had gotten the beta helmet. Picked the game back up recently with some friends and they asked why I wasn’t using the rest of the beta cosmetics. I didn’t know there were more but I don’t have any of them.

Theres more?

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The beta cosmetics are the helmet set. There is a portrait frame for people who pre ordered. There is a portrait for people who did the Warhammer + deal. And there is the portrait and cosmetic set for the people who bought the Imperial edition. There are 2 reskins of the beta helmet that were time limited exclusives after the game launch. I think there were a couple of weapon skins as Twitch rewards.

If I missed something feel free to let me know but I believe that is all of the out of game cosmetics that you can get.

The Imperial Edition maybe? They had a few black cosmetics and camos for everyone, since launch.

There were a few seperate item give aways but they had nothing to do with beta status. You had to punch codes into the useless* darktide website for ugly helmets, frames, camos and this cool Thunderhammer trinket which was the only good thing to date.

The beta players just get an ugly B helmet. There hasn’t even been anything for the invite beta or the summer alpha players either. We are the rejects.

*useless without the browser extension showing you your in game store

There was also a hammer trinket for some event

Kinda surprised they didn’t do the twitch drops thing again around the release of patch 13.

Maybe we will get some clown pants twitch drops when the carnival district expansion arrives xd

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I’m fairly certain that the other two Beta Helmet variants were rewards for events. I have them, but I just prefer to use the Commissary skins. Personally, I have the Green Tigerstripe penance reskin sets for Ogryn and Veteran, whilst I have those fancy, Ornamental Blue penance reskin sets for Psyker and Zealot.

You’re right, one of the Beta reskin helmets also came with a portrait and the Thudner Hammer trinket. Thanks for the reminder!

I don’t think this is that kind of carnival :wink:

there simply isnt anything else than the helmet for each class.

other cosmetics might be the imperial edition, event rewards, etc.

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