I feel Winds of Magic should be integrated into Chaos Wastes

Chaos Wastes has a lot of potential, as demonstrated by the fact that the game has the largest active playerbase since launch, and overall, despite issues that are well discussed by other members of the community, is in a much better place than the Weaves game-mode.

Priority should go towards bug fixes, polishing, and balancing boons, but something I feel would go an extremely long way is integrating the maps, music, and gameplay modifiers of the Weave game-mode into the Chaos Wastes.

As it stands, Weaves have incredible music, stunning visual modifiers, and some really novel gameplay modifiers associated with the Winds of Magic, trapped in a game-mode no one can play due to terrible matchmaking.
It is made incredibly unfun with “challenges” that reward cheesy tactics and exhausting grinding instead of engaging skill and teamwork, has no worthwhile rewards or incentives, and includes a pointless time limited “seasonal” system locking off content arbitrarily.

I think integrating the various Winds of Magic as map modifiers into the new mode similar to the Chaos Gods, reintegrating the gorgeous visual level tweaks for variety, adding in the excellent music for each Magic already present in the game files, and utilizing the already designed maps for chained together randomized illusion based maps (like the one already present in Chaos Wastes) would be an excellent way to use current game assets in an efficient way, that justifies the work put into the content.


I like that idea. Choas Wastes have so much room for expansion, would be nice if the incorporated some weave aspects in there as modifiers or something.


I’d actually say the opposite, some of the stuff on chaos wastes should get sent straight to winds of magic, like being able to craft some of the powerups into your weapons/character, like if winds is now a non random version of chaos wastes, you pick your poison and you go to town.

Imagine just starting with chain lightning? explosion on crit?
Then they could give winds some more portraits AND FREAKING FINALLY the ability to unlock winds weapon skin on the campaign, thats win win … win.

this is the end of the post.

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Not gonna sit here an try to defend weaves (cause you know), but the only thing weaves have going for it, is the grind to 160 and the challenge that comes with it.
If we incorporated the above into weaves then there wouldn’t be a point to play it, because we could go play a better version called Choas Wastes.


Its not a challenge when you are required to exploit/cheese the game to win, multiple aspects of the core gameplay gets removed thanks to time pressuring you rush and ignore exploration, you will never have enough time to kill everything the game is throwing at you.

i did enjoyed playing weaves at start but once the difficulty hits you somewhere after 40, it exceeds the cataclysm level then its no longer fun, sure theres a 6 or 7 sweatlords out there who could do it but for all sub 200 iq humans like you and me, its undoable.

Theres different ways they can make the game challenging without making it feel like a punishment, i gave up on weaves after trying the invisible enemies winds later versions and getting swarmed by several gunners from unknown locations while elites kept depleting my dodge and defenses, it wasn’t fun then a boss showed up, its the equivalent of putting a peeble inside the chocolatte to make it fun.

Let the people who completed it before any enhancement forever carry their earned portraits as a badge of skill (and cheese making)