How to play solo with bots for penances?

So i’m curious if there are any workarounds to this stupid system that only allows private games for 2 or more players?
I’ve been trying to complete this penance Heavyweight Champion for weeks & it always gets ruined by players joining.

Find a fellow ogryn player and do it together maybe? I’m sure there’s an ogryn mains’ discord server somewhere.

I did try with another player but after 2 runs they lost interest and had to run.
I’d prefer if there was a workaround so we can actually play solo with bots. Surely the devs can simply just limit the private games to 1 player instead of 2.

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Bots are near useless - they insta-die on 4/5 difficulty. Trying to get the Just A Flesh Wound on my Zealot has been a nightmare. I don’t have a group of friends to play with, and since it’s near impossible to get a full party of human players on a fresh game usually too much time has passed by the time the bots get replaced.

That’s the whole point on why i’m looking to play solo for the penance. You CANNOT do this penance with randoms.

Well I’m glad they found a way to make it not work for everyone.

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