How to infinite power sword?

i insist it still can do by some trick
saw many people still doing it by keep spamming first charged attack
and the energy doesn’t run out
i know it’s a bug and fatshark has fixed once but ppl still can do it

animation cancel by blocking and charge atk again doesn’t work
animation cancel by swap weapon swap back then charge atk also not working
so how they do it?

Its still heavy atk+ block+heavy atk, you need to click block as soon as first swing at its fullest range of motion, not too soon not too late, click not hold then immediately charge the next swing.

Does work with pure hordes/pure rager squats(armored or not)/single mauler’s torso/flak armored squats(with gunner/shotgunners)

Does not work(2 charges then gone)with hordes with elites/ carapace armored enemies or body parts/most other random times that I haven’t yet confirmed

So this bug is only useful for human sized melee enemies.

*This bug actually needs some practice to form muscle memory and imo makes the power sword less boring I hope fatshark just leave it alone.

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ok but back me up here also
the bug should be fix

Yeah it will be fixed eventually most likely but I’ll be getting power cycler in no time when next patch drops with my 5million dockets and 30k+ plasteel reserves.

talk about power recycler…
why we never found one?
i play 10 hours a day and check the shop every freaking HOUR but NEVER found one
(also checked daily shop)

800 hours game play can mean something right?

Shop items especially blue and green ones don’t have the greatest upgrade potential according to the latest blog, so it makes sense we never saw one in the shop, so in the next update the best strat would be getting a ton of low rating greys and just upgrade them, whether just till the first blessing or fully 2nd still remains to be seen because the chance to get a t4 blessing in the first one is quite low, but it costs the lowest.

I’m over 1000hrs now Ive never seen one either in shop or through upgrade too lmao.

one of my friend got max level of power cycler from daily shop
but me and others of my friend never get one even level 1 power cycler

Wow your friend won the lottery of his life LOL

But next update we should be able to get it quite easily, it should be at least 1-2% of the total chance.

there’s no such thing as level 1 power cycler, it only spawns as level 4

yeah the game SUPER NOT FAIR!!!

you mean keep upgrading greys power sw?
but with low modifier or should be 380???

Nope, upgrade the sub 310 ones, 290s ideally, because

  1. Upgrade lower scored ones cost less in the next patch.

  2. Grey ones have best chance of getting t3, t4 blessings, I have already tried on some of my 350 greys and most of them got 90 blessing score, and at least one t4 perk.

So with the info in mind, hunt the best blessings from lower ones and apply them on the 380s later should makes the most sense.

item level determines the blessing tiers you roll, or it seems to have a strong correlation. your first roll on a 380 will probably be a T1 or T2, your second roll will almost certainly be a T3 but might be T4. this is not true on a 280 item, for instance which i think will roll lower tiers more frequently.

it’s harder for me to be as confident though since i’ve upgraded so few items under 360 personally.

Elites still work only unlucky mauler and big guys its bug out

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