How I would buff and fix the vet keystones

Marksman’s Focus (Simple Fix)

  1. Allow crits to proc it.
  2. Increase time its active.
    3.Remove movement penalty and replace with missed shot penalty so any shots completely off target removes stacks, encouraging aiming over spray and pray.

Focus Target (In depth fix)

  1. Focus target revert it back to 5 percent per stack so it’s a 30% damage increase at base max stacks like originally advertised
  2. Focussed increased to 10 stacks to give us a 50% damage increase if we save.
  3. Target down the 5 toughness and Stam per stack is fine
  4. Redirect fire change from 10s of 1.5% damage boost per stack to recover half of the applied stacks upon kill (this helps with the recharge and makes it more reliable for groups but still requires a degree of recharging to take place)

Weapon Specialist (leave intact outside of description fixes)

I am not covering the rest of the tree as the community as a whole is already addressing this all I am aiming at is getting vet keystones to a healthy and desirable point.

I would love to hear what you guys think of these fixes and what you might have done differently.

Focus Target & Weapon Specialist are pretty darn strong as-is.

Marksman’s Focus only caters to a subset of vet weapons/playstyles with the buffs beyond ranged finesse, I’d argue rather than a few small buffs (10% rending, 10% reload, 2.5% toughness returned per stack) split them out into three larger buffs you have to choose ONE of (30% rending, 30% reload, 8% toughness per stack) or split the buff by weapon family (if worried about making the columnus even stronger) so that plasma/bolter enjoyers and other weapon users have a reason to take it. Current version serves the higher rate of fire lasgun/autoguns really well but not as good on the rest of the arsenal, in my eyes.

Ehhhhh 50% extra damage on a target is pretty ridiculous.

The game already has the issue of bosses being pretty easily melted.
This will just take that to new heights.

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