How exactly does the Chainsword special work with stacks

Hello, first time posting on forum. I’ve been playing the Tide games for a while and I feel like I’ve got a decent grasp on how most mechanics work but, I’m struggling to understand how the Chainswords special works in regards to stacking debuffs.

For example: If you use Onslaught as the Veteran… does the 2.5% brittle apply on each tick of damage from the special attack or does it only count the stack for the first tick of damage? I’ve tried to test it, but my tests have mostly ended up inconclusive.

Any feedback on this would be great! :slight_smile:


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Seeing how using zealot dash with chain special after it already latched on makes all your ticks crit, it is most likely handled as a singular attack by the game.

I see… Thanks for the reply!
I was hoping it would count each tick as a new attack instance, but it makes more sense if it would count it as a singular attack

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