How does burning damage work?

The reasons I ask is because I am not a rules guy but I’d like to find out and tests with the training dolls don’t seem to work as well as I would like to see this as the burning goes away much faster from the doll than it does from a real target.

But can burning conditions stack or does repeated applications of it “only” reset the timer?

Example: SayI ignite an enemy with a staff and then hit the same enemy with a heavy attack from a flaming sword. Does that mean that the enemy now has two burning conditions and both do damage on him or is it such that the first one starts a condition, and then the second attack resets the timer for how long the first burning will continue?

And also, is there a limit to how many burning conditions a target can have on itself at the same time?

Each burning are seperated and irrelevant. No stack limits unless you are using lingering fire.
DOT ticks are quite random in range.
When i experimented, fire sword applies 2 ticks with like 67% chance or 3 ticks with like 33% chance.


What he said (but I think for some weapons the number of ticks is more consistent). Burns just overlap, so hitting an enemy with 3 burn inducing attacks applies 3 burns simultaneously. So repeatedly raking an enemy with the first Flamesword heavy is a good way to deal high damage, for example.

Only exception is when you use BW’s “Lingering Flames” talent: In that case the first burn you apply to an enemy will just stay on the enemy forever (keeps ticking at the same interval the burn normally does). Second and third burns you then try to apply to that enemy just won’t have any efect anymore.


Building on what @TmanDW said, this is why BW Kaboom is so effective if it’s the first burn that hits (Alongside lingering flames) and I think it still burns super armour and bosses… like a boss.

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Thanks guys, good info and it helps me plan out the use of my Battle Wizard’s tactics. :slight_smile:

I think “Kaboom!” was put back in line with every other burn somewhere a few patches ago. (It used to tick faster than other burns, but not anymore, I think…) So now it is just as effective if you light something on fire with “Kaboom!” as it would be with a Flamesword heavy or Conflag staff, or other such attacks.

And I think every burn can hurt Super Armor and Monsters (since quite a while ago) as well.

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