How does brain burst damage scale?

Does it use weapon damage? level or?

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I don’t think it does. Only warp charges effect it.

That must be a mistake :frowning: specials hp seems to scale pretty hard

Mistake, oversight, baffling but intentional gameplay design choice? Who knows, Fatshark might :slight_smile:

It’s flat 1000 damage at all difficulties with 0 Warp Charges, 825 on Carapace armored enemies.
It doesn’t scale at all.

This is one of the glaring issues with the Psyker at the moment. Our class ability becomes less useful the higher difficulty and skill level of your team. It becomes something you use when the situation calls for it which ends up being rare. Our staffs provide a massive amount of CC and there is little reason to stop staggering a room and cast BB on a single elite.

Especially if you cant one hit it. IMO things like maulers and ravagers should be one hittable at any difficulty. And 100000% snipers/poxwalkers/trappers/flamers. It seems odd that other classes synergize with their ability over time and psyker ignores it.

@Ratherdone I know your busy, but any chance we can pick your brain about the potential future of brain burst? Or the intentions behind the current design? All I could find that was recent was 1.0.7 Update - Expanded Patch Notes (Balance & Tweaks) - #32 by Ratherdone

It is a terrible mistake. But some youtubers decreed that psykers were OP based on an incomplete build where nobody had time to gear up. Fast forward to everyone gearing up and, surprise surprise, the youtuber predictions were dead wrong.

“That’s the neat thing. It doesn’t!”

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