How do you review "chaos wastes" DLC on steam?

I got Chaos Wastes as a VT2 patch, but I can see it has its own page in the steam store, and it should be possible to review it. I’d like to contribute, but I couldn’t find how, unlike other DLCs.

Without guarantee: This is a side effect of Fatsharks policy that all DLCs are automatically installed independent from the player owning them.

So as it is free and has no restriction you effectively have the DLC. However, according to Steam you don’t. Reason is that you didn’t buy it or in this case you didn’t press the “Download” button on the Chaos Wastes store page. So all you have to do is pressing it and you should be able to review it as Steam will then recognize your ownership.

So try it out and give feedback if it works. If I just wrote a lot of BS, I have to “edit” this text :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aye, it did. Honestly, I don’t blame Fatshark. It would have been sillier to have us go there, as I suppose some people might have missed it.
Well, now that I can, I’ll do my best to skyrocket it’s reception.

EDIT: Done, it’s marginally better received now.

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It was the same in Vermintide 1.

There are 4 “free DLC”, but when you activate the game, only two of them appear in your library. You need to go to the pages in the store and click “download”.