Hotfix, Event Extension & New Weapon Illusions


We hope you all have been enjoying Geheimnisnacht and have thwarted the Pactsworn in their attempted dark rituals!

Double XP is active until Monday, November 15, 1AM PT!

Patch Notes

  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Chaos Wastes - Fixed an issue where the exit portal would sometimes not spawn after a host migration had taken place during the run.
  • Enchanter’s Lair - Fixed an issue where Nurgloth the Eternal was, literally, eternal when players were carrying the Geheimnisnacht event skull on certain difficulties.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur specifically on the ‘Modded’ realm.
  • Fixed pop-up not appearing for players that were about to purchase a cosmetic they already owned.
  • Fixed the ‘Full Inventory’ warning sometimes not showing in Spoils of War when chests could not be opened.
  • Added an option to switch off the rumble when using a gamepad on PC.

This patch will be available after the weekend for console.

Geheimnisnacht Extended on All Platforms

In light of some players being unable to complete the Ritual Rampage - Enchanter’s Lair challenge across multiple difficulties, we have decided to extend the Geheimnisnacht event until November 15, 4am PST on all platforms. This issue has been solved as of Hotfix

New Illusions!

Some of you may have noticed that some new Forgotten Relic weapon skins have been showing up from Chaos Wastes weapon shrines. We’re glad you like them as much as we do, and they will be available to owners of the Forgotten Relics DLC in the next major content update and will be found in your player inventory when that update arrives.


More bugfixes and anti crash patching? Neat.

Nice :+1::+1:

Any ETA on that update though? And any spoilers on the specific content? I´d guess saltz new career but are we possibly getting a balance patch too? It feels like it´s been a year .c

No ETA at present as we don’t want to overpromise, but I can guarantee I’ll post something to keep everyone in the loop as soon as I’m greenlit to do so. :slight_smile:


ahh i suppose that´s how it goes, we´ll see what we get once we get it.

Just please do try to ship it before Christmas ye? Not all surprise gifts need to come by then-

I’m surprised we are not talking about the REAL ISSUE HERE. So where is Hedge? Who is Aqshy? And most important what type of fish does he/her like? :thinking:

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@Fatshark_Hedge is still around! Hedge just has a duplicate (me!) to help out! I’m Fatshark’s second CM; so hopefully you’ll be seeing me around a lot.

Is this where I post my street cred? I feel this is where I’m supposed to post my street cred. I just have an embarrassingly high number of hours in this game.

P.S. I’m a pescatarian so eat any fish, much like our very rotund mascot. :slight_smile:


Duplicates? Fatshark CMs having the Illusionist tag now. monkaS


Prepare for trouble, and make it double!


And here i was thinking he’d sneakily hidden you in a forest bush somewhere with the intention of taking over the office while the other sharks were flopping around trying to figure out which shrubbery was the right one to bring back home.

Alas, it seems my tinfoil hat wasnt needed.

To protect the world from the devastation,
To keep all people from the Skaven nation!


Skaven dont exist!


Dare I ask as to which poor coworker is being forced to come in to work dressed as Meowth?

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