Hotfix #34 (1.2.33)

Devoted Rejects,

Here are the patch notes for Hotfix #34, which is live on Steam and will shortly be live on our other platforms.

  • Fixed an issue in the Warren 6-19 mission where the interaction prompt to start the final hacking event read “Press” instead of “Plant.”
  • Fixed a crash which could happen when rapidly switching weapons in the Loadout menus.
  • Fixed a crash which could happen when using the Zealot “Chastise the Wicked / Fury of the Faithful” ability while aiming a stimm syringe.
  • Fixed some stability issues related to running out of memory during loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the pauldrons of the “Moebian 135th Recon (Blackplate)” Ogryn upper body cosmetic could appear in the camera in first person view while holding specific weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the pauldrons of the “Moebian 135th Recon (Blackplate)” Ogryn upper body cosmetic would appear in an incorrect position in Loadout menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the right arm vambrace of the “Shrine Keeper’s Shrift” Psyker upper body cosmetic was clipping with the tunic underneath.

Does this reduce the frequency of ‘out of memory’ crashes or stop them entirely from occurring when loading stuff? Also, does this mean loading anything or just a specific unmentioned thing?


you’re asking too much for their first game…


What on earth do you mean, “first game”?


He’s making fun of them [FatShark], and rightfully so because by rights, a lot of these technical issues should have been fixed ages ago.

How on earth are any of these 7 (count 'em, 7) bullet points determined to be priority issues, other than the “running out of memory” error, and why the hell is it buried in the middle of the patch notes? Surely this should be at the top of the page… God(Emperor) help us all if FatShark ever has to triage at hospital or direct traffic at an intersection with a busted stop light.


remove locks add content


Thats the joke

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Out of memory related to inventory is a much bigger issue for me, can’t remember the last time I got that message in a loading screen…but any traction on this is better than no progress. At least its more to do than cosmetic fixes. Speaking of, if you’re fixing the Shrineguard ones look at the Psyker bionic eye collar having scars that are floating. Thank the emperor for the preview…


Eagerly awaiting the news drop on the content and itemization mentioned 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:


I love seeing a Darktide update on steam, coming here to see its just another hotfix for minor bugs again, then feeling mad and disappointed, despite not even thinking about Darktide beforehand.

Thanks FS. Love you.


They will, as per the last post

They haven’t promised the former and the latter is incredibly vague.

This hotfix is colder than a naked man in Antarctica.

Let’s go and see what else it broke by accident. Apparently they’ve screwed up the registration somehow so everyone’s antivirus is marking the game as malware, which really isn’t reassuring.


meanwhile the cloak of the hyper premium deluxe (at least price ise) Krieg Veteran cosmetic remains broken…

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What about silent specialists? Those are back and you haven’t acknowledged that.


…they rolled back those too?


Someone’s terrible at version control. A lot of bugs they fixed in patch #17 were reintroduced in the hotfix after that.


the “out of memory” bug was probably placed on priority, so it gets pushed out as soon as it can be. when they push one of those out, anything that was also ready to go out gets tacked onto it. this is pretty normal stuff for bugfixing, you get one big problem fixed and a bunch of stuff that was easy to isolate and fix that was waiting in the chute with it.

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I hope they don’t get discouraged, as communication and hotfixes is precisely what VT2 players have been asking for for a long while.
Now, if they could also fix beastmen, there… :smiley:

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I believe the “news drop” Is only in relation to the achievement system. Not the content and itemization. You’l be waiting a long time.

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O my god why psyker cosmetics is so bad

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