Host never gets compliments from characters :(

Ok so, there’s two types of ‘compliment dialogues’ that can trigger.
One is a 3 way conversation, where Character A compliments character B, character B responds to character A, and then Character C makes a quip about it.
This one is working completely fine.

The second form of compliment dialogue is one where Character A makes a one-liner to the whole group about how Character B is really kicking a lot of ass at this very moment, usually triggered during a horde because there’s lots of things to kill in a short span of time.
This one never triggers for the host anymore. If you’re hosting, your character will never get this version of the compliment dialogue directed at him.
In other words, the host will never be allowed to be Character B in this scenario and trigger the dialogue to receive a compliment. Clients do get compliments no problem.
Unsure if bots get compliments.

Idk when it got bugged, I think it’s been that way for a long time now. I only just now pinpointed that it was being the host that causes it. Been thinking I simply sucked at the game for the longest time :cry:


Look at @KaelusVonSestiaf, he is going the extra mile today! A mile littered with corpses!

There you go


But the host gets to be first in line at the end mission stat screen, so it evens out.


Anything the Community Hero can kill, I can kill better! He’s doing alright though, look at that. A dozen such Community Heroes and we’d end this in moments!


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