Hooking Burblespue (Billhook) bugs him out

So, apparently you spam Billhook on him during his initial speech and it ‘deletes’ him, meaning you don’t get dice when he dies.

Someone spammed it in our group. At first he was fighting like normal, but then he teleported above the exit door, did his normal shooting thing with ads, before teleporting into melee range of us underneath him and not using any more spells. He just stood still and died.

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The idea behind hooking Burblespue at the end of his intro animation is to make him fall down from the platform. As he usually doesn’t move by himself by walking or climbing (he teleports), pretty sure the game thinks he’s in a somewhat impossible position the moment he ‘moves’ downward and bugs out.

More or less the same as with disappearing Stormfiends that end up in a weird spot as well and then go to their people when pushed over.

With Burblespue, it’s essentially an exploit because it cancels the entire fight in an instant and is very easy to reproduce. Even after the stamina cost was added to Billhook’s special.

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