Hi FS, How about giving us a full list of weaps to try in Meatgrinder?

There’s no worse feeling than buying a weapon in the shop to try only to discover I don’t like it.

So, simple request - Give us a full suite of level/class appropriate weapons to try in the Meatgrinder so we can test them then concentrate on the weapons we like in the shop, and don’t throw away dockets trying stuff that doesn’t appeal to us…

I suppose this is only relevant pre-thirty since max levels have a large chuck of dockets, but for us experimenting with all the classes sub-max level, it would be lovely.



YES, so much this.

Vermintide was just infinitely better in this regard, because you could use the blueprints in the keep. All I want is to check out the animations before I have to commit to buying a weapon. I (personally) don’t even care if those testing weapons do any damage or not. Also this would go a long way if we could actually see when we unlock certain weapons for each class. Currently you pretty much get the exact same weapons for each class in the beginning. Unless you look at external ressources you don’t even know what class specific weapons you will get (and when you unlock them). The current system just needs so many improvements…

Goes against design intent, sorry.

This would allow you to make an informed decision, spend less time searching the shops, spend less money and spend less time grinding.

You are to blindly grind away and you will love it.



*Le Sigh - this is why we cant have nice things lol

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