Hey,... i did a dumb little Videothing... what ya think?

https://youtu.be/S9mVWszW08I this is not a tutorial or something like that… just a ´lil thing for funsies :slightly_smiling_face:

ps: if you think it´s a hot steaming pile of garbage, plz tell me why…so i can make it less hot and steaming next time ^^


I like it as a fanmade trailer dealie. Is hella long though. Could prolly take the choicest shots and do a polished highlights vid.

Thanks for the feedback. Was a kind of gameplay oriented thing. I´ll try to make it short´n sweet next time :sweat_smile:

Sigh :frowning:

I was just about to get into the video but then you spoiled the ending by writing “AI are dumb”! Now there is nothing to look forward to - I already know the ending!

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Ach, darn… still made it in the first run,though. Anyway hope you still enjoyed just a tiny bit of the video :wink:

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Awesome vid. Not many people apreciate how much time it takes to edit this stuff together. I once edited a vid and it took me like 4 hours for like a 7 mins vid

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Yeah, i feel ya. This took me almost 3 days, but i still had fun making it and thats a pretty important part, in my opinion… but to be honest i sometimes cringe at my stuff and i don´t know why… i think its jutst a self loathing thing :smile:

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I’m a little stunned that you can play on that FOV but great stuff, regardless :smiley:

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The worst for me are my commentarys whenever a friend discovers 1 I always walk away and wait until its finished

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Is it to low (like motion sickness or even irritating low) I could bump it up a bit but not all the way ( i dont like the fisheye optic) :sweat_smile:

hah. It can´t be that bad… always remember: my content exists. If you want, send me a link and i´ll check it out.

its ok most of my yvids are in german anyway

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