Heroic deeds and more

+deeds feels useless love challenge like you have to build the chac right kind of thing with ur team
(maybe instead of giving 1 chest give 2 or dont give chest make it unique skins or items through deeds)

+Hunger in the dark was very anti climatic it would be nicer if there was more explosion

+have an unstuck feature where you go down but not out in the middle of the area
to make it fair … /unstuck command or a button but it might be abused or when the program realize you cant walk it will auto unstuck

+glitch at Into the nest Boss ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2riGK-Uiv8 )
the boss just stood still after i use my ult as kruber riight before he did an atk

+backed error as you all know

**Beautiful Game Dev i sunk in 100 over hrs already

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