Hero Skins not loading on bots. Please fix this

So I am a relatively new player, having only started about 3-4 weeks ago. I have managed to reach Champion difficulty and I am starting to get the Champion skins for some of the characters. However I am having an issue with these skins. Whenever I play and I have bots running with me, the bots are not loading the skins properly. Witch Hunters coat changes color at the belts, Mercenary still has the red sash, and Siennas outfit changes halfway down.

I have tried looking on the Fatshark forums and on Reddit for any sort of solution to this, but I am unable to find anything suggesting how to fix it. All I seem to find is other people acknowledging that it is a thing. Does anyone know what to do to stop this from happening? It is making me consider not bothering with the skins which I find hugely disappointing and a huge letdown.

Thank you.


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