Vermintide 2 champion skins

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General enquiries may be posted in the Fatshark Lounge. My champion skin for my elf are not showing and I own vermintide 1 please help fatshark

What is your platform?

Ps4 and the elf is my main I really want that skin iTz_Bru7aLz is my gamer tag I’m playing on ps5

Can some please help I own v1 but it’s not giving me the champion skins ?

Did you launch the game?

What do you mean lol?

If you mean have I played v1 yes a lot and I have them both downloaded

Could it be because I own v1 on disc ?


This should’ve been posted in the Technical Support section.
@FatsharkJulia or @FatsharkLev should be able to help :slight_smile:

Never mind it was because have the disc …so the work around I bought the ps now and it had v1 on it and it worked …so I spent 10 instead of 40$😂

I’ve responded to your PM. :slight_smile:

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