Hero selection bug seems to happen more frequently


So i might be imagining things but it feels like the above mentioned bug has started happening a lot more since the last patch came around.

This despite Fatshark stating that it was fixed this very patch…i am quite salty about that right now.

Used to be like once every 10 games, now i get it once every 3 or 4.

Anyone else feeling like its happening more than before?

Idk, i just feel like its happening mostly cause of new difficulty and lots of bugs. Both those factors lowered amount of available lobbies, especially if you qp cata, i feel like every second game this bug appears.

If you go in to the lobby browser you can sometimes see a game that has 3/4 players in it but only 2 out of the 4 portraits will be crossed out, and if you connect you wont be the character you selected. This bug also unintentionally results in people joining then leaving constantly so I hope it gets fixed soon.


Well, it clearly wasn’t fixed, but it’s probably happening more due to lower population. The lobby browser has much less games available in Legend/Cata than it used to. Even just compared to 2-3 weeks ago.

i joined a legend game today as the kruber because he’s my only leveled hero but when i got into the game i was level 1 sienna… there was no kruber in the match so i dont know why i had to be sienna. i did not last long…

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