Here's a WH40K Fan's take on some weapons after playing Veteran for 100 Hours; (Plasmagun, Lucius Lasgun & Powersword)

After spending a decent amount of time dragging my karkin arse all the way up to where i mostly play heresy i decided to give the three aforementioned weapons a bit of a think.


You’d be forgiven from forgetting that this weapon even exists. Barely anybody uses it, and for good reason. To put it frankly, its awful. Outclassed by the Bolter in every single way aside from maybe how fast you can pull it out, but that benefit does not do anything for it.

So, i started thinking about the Lore; Plasmaguns are being used in the Guard by heavy weapon specialists, infamous for being a extremely risky weapon, so much so that fellow Guardsmen get nervous when around a Buddy carrying one. Plasmaguns also are not reloaded in field, as doing so, especially by a Guardsmen, is way too risky. Besides, their hydrogen canisters last surprisingly long. So, we know it’s a risky weapon with immense power, that technically won’t be reloaded in a short 30 minute mission.

  1. Remove the reload. I know, the animation is fancy and hard work was done on it, but it hurts the weapon a lot. Instead, make the overheat a bit more dangerous to work with. Our special allows us to vent the heat, admit that to the reload key instead.

  2. Keep the left click’s tap firing damage, but increase overcharge damage slightly. Combined with higher heat generation, and a damaging venting system (Reload vents heat for free as it is now) it would make the weapon a lot more attractive.

  3. Replace the right click action with a bracing, or even a aim down sights mechanic.

  4. At 50% overcharge, allow it to pierce a target. At 75% overcharge, make it pierce even a carapace enemy or a bulwarks shield.

  5. Replace the charging mechanic with the one from the Lucius Pattern. Holding left click charges it up.

Since our Venting is now on Reload, how about our Special instead toggles a safety? Safety on, and we can’t overcharge and fire while generating less heat. Safety off and we can overcharge with higher heat generation? Just a quick idea, that or being able to swing the gun. Of course, at high heat levels, it should set enemies on fire. What else could go wrong with using what’s basically a potential bomb as a melee weapon? /s


Ah, the venerable Powersword. In Lore, these Weapons are some of the most powerful Melee weapons you can get. Usually blunt bits of metal that when the energy field is active can cut through almost about everything. So, that bit translated well into the game, however also turning this weapon into possibly the strongest melee weapon in the game. There’s a reason every guard, including myself, uses it. So, what’s the problem here? Instead of listing the problem’s, I’ll just explain what i believe would make the weapon a bit better, and not as “top tier pick” as it is now. For starters, Powerswords usually have a toggle that lasts for as long as you want to. Only failing if the energy core is depleted or damaged, and even then it sometimes just works™. Oddly enough, it does seem that our Powerswords are always on, and the activate ability just seems to overcharge it. How do i know this? Well, there is no blood that sticks to our blade, as the energy field vaporizes anything coming into contact with it, and it can still cut despite being off. Since we are Rejects, and decent Powerweapons are hard to come by, ours is definitely a faulty one.

Knowing this, i propose the following;

  1. Have the activate button be a toggle that lasts on a battery. Every enemy hit reduces the charge, until depleted, at which point it turns back off again and has to recharge for a short amount of time. (To be honest, most ‘activate’ weapons should behave similar. Thunderhammer should stay on until you hit something, same with Chainsword, but this will already end up as a wall of text, so I’ll stick with these three weapons for now)

  2. Deactivated, as in, basedamage wise, the weapon should do less damage. Less than any of the Swords. This should also be visualized by blood sticking on the weapon that gets removed when you turn it on. Would make a nice visual effect, too.

  3. Even when active, it should not have infinite Cleave. While not necessarily lore friendly, in gameplay it’s a bit too much to be able to do this. I once even crashed my game by cleaving through about 30-40 poxwalkers who were climbing on a ledge, so there’s that as well.

-The Lucius Pattern Lasgun-

A Kriegers Favorite. This iconic Lasrifle is known to be used at a higher charge than standard lasguns, increasing damage and armor penetration potential. Ingame, this weapon does have these abilities, but is so awkward to use with such a poor sight that it’s purpose as a high power snipergun falls flat in the ground compared to any other highpower Lasgun.

So, what do i propose?

Exchange the Charge mechanic with the Plasmagun. As in, you aim down sights, and the weapon charges up to 100% and stays there until fired. Yeah, that’s pretty much about it. Rest is fine.


Hey Fatshark, did you know that most Lasguns used by the Guard can be set to be fully automatic? Do me, and more importantly my left finger, a biggy and add that function to the rapid fire Lasgun at least, yes?