Help your Vetrans and Zealots with Shotgun fever

As a public service, people should actively let these people know that the fire round only applies a damage over time effect. The actual shot from the gun will hit more targets and do much more damage. The fire round has a purpose, to hit through cover and bulwarks.
Tell them where the meat grinder is, have them take their thrilling new toy in there and test it out.
While it sure is fun and pretty, it is not helping all that much. Plus it is an ammo pig, so that too…
Also, maybe sharpshooting can be done by sharpshooters instead of the gun with the shortest range available to them.
More and more of our Zealots and Sharpshooters are being pulled in by the flashy allure of a combat shotgun with a dragon’s breath feature. Only you can prevent your runs from being an ammo-less slog while your trigger happy teammate slowly applies very short duration burns on targets that do less damage per tick over time. Help them be helpful.
This message is not endorsed by Kantrel or any other combat shotgun manufacturer.

(Above all, have fun and don’t crap on others for not knowing/caring. This is meant as a tongue in cheek jab… nothing more.)

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Meat grinder is way too inconvenient for testing weapons. If I don’t know what a weapon does, I’m just going to equip it on my next run.

Sorry bro. Better get to that ammo refill before I do I guess.

The fishtank lady scares you, doesn’t she?

That is ok, that is why we are here to help you out by letting you know that you are wasting time loading a special round, and applying a really lacklustre DoT. It is an intervention, not a witch hunt. We still love you.

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Well, it stacks twice, and like other stacking effects the damage scales up with more stacks, so just two hits on a bulwark (or group of bulwarks) can take it down without ever having to get close to it. Same goes for most mobs except crusher and mutant actually - two hits and they’re toast(y). Works at range too. Can snipe snipers with a couple ads shots in their general direction. I’d say it’s pretty powerful and ammo efficient if you only bring it out to use the special shot on packs/mixed elites. Also has a high stagger even at range. Will drop a dog off somebody through a dense horde.

It is otherwise rather lackluster in comparison to a lot of other weapons though. I’d more consider it heavy support than assault.

Meatgrinder testing showed the dragons breath round did considerably more damage to more targets against unarmored & flak armored, while being less effective against infected & maniacs (apparently they like being on fire).
My kantrael shotty with the close range damage feat on zealot does enough to kill armored ragers and bring maulers down to a sliver of health after a single shot at several meters range … On heresy.
Regular shot works better against pox hounds, flamers, trappers, etc.
Against unyielding & carapace the shotgun is pretty much worthless except for being able to catch bulwarks on fire through their shields, but it takes forever to bring them down.


Infested and Maniac are resistant types like their own armor type, so they probably take a lot less per each stack. Either way I think this weapon is hilarious on Zealot because Headtaker is procc’d by DoTs. Just shoot a Bulwark and go back to your heavy sword. The one irritating enemy you’d waste ammo or grenades on with this loadout murked over like nothing.


I will be able to test the kantrael seriously. Finally Merk has given me a 379 kantrael shotgun with a good blessing.
This evening I will go to heresy and damnation with it.

For now, I feel that the kantrael is effective in really close combat. The special action is not, in my opinion, really something I would use a lot.

About ammo… shotguns need definitively more ammos.
I made a poll about that (and also agri / kantrael / lawbringer)

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No we don’t! This is Warhammer, not Teletubbies! Victory or Death! lol

*Edit : Forgot to say, For the Emperor!

personaly every zealot not hindering the group with the flamer is welcome !


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