Healshare Talents

Personally I think the talents suck, not just because it’s weak, but because it takes up space for other talents. I understand it helps newer players who don’t know how to use or manage tHP. Can healshare either be deleted for all non starter heros (Merc, RV, WHC, WS, BW) or just have all options for tHP plus healshare on the first talent row?

Example: Zealot would never want to take it for example, yet it eats up talent space. IB can carry a hammer and go toe to toe with CWs in a patrol but FK running them all over can barely generate a smidge once in there.

Thoughts on what to do?

Healshare has to be moved to a necklace trait instead of a talent pick imho.Only time I ever used Healshare was for btmp just because there’s more than 4 players and resources were scarce.It’s a noob trap


I agree with moving it to a necklace, but the biggest problem is with the rest of the talents. Health on stagger is absolutely useless except with very few weapons: shields and flame sword (might be forgetting something, but surely not much), and having only one between kills and cleave forces you to choose a weapon, which sucks. It’s also annoying to remember to switch talents when you change weapon - expecially now that the game forgets your changes sometimes.

A THP rework should happen together with moving healshare, and if I had to choose I’d say the rework takes precedence.


On stagger’s issue is that it doesn’t give you thp for things that you killed,making it very weak on lower difficulties while very strong on higher difficulties just because they don’t die from 1 hit


That’s part of the problem, but I mostly play legend and cata, and every single time I experimented with that talent, because the weapon felt like it should stagger - 2h hammers, flails, all using charged attacks, or the bretonnian shield - every single time I was hugely disappointed, because the killing talent, or the on hit one, gave me more hp.

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