Having fun over min maxing - the problem with different palystyles and goals playing a mission

I went back to my psyker i havent played for weeks.
I just have a lot of fun and challenging gameplay again trying different weapons and builds.
I think i will play Psyker this and maybe next week also and then i will maybe Play my Veteran what i then havent played for weeks.
The Ogryn i played this morning was somehow boring, but its because i wield powermaul and had played Zealot with Hammer the last week and it felt the same, also because of chastise and bullrush.
So i think i can motivate myself playing different chars each week that arent too similar regarding mechanics and weapons.
I dont play purgatus because i use flamer as a Zealot.
And in top i can still work on some penances i havent done.
I dont cheese them, i do them how the are meant to do in pugs iā€™m asking for help.
Just did Malleus Monstronum with the help of an Ogryn asking in Chat.