Handmaiden career skill and talents

Invis is incredible for teamplay. You can get just enough cover to snipe a special, or use it for aggro control (kite a boss to a position and drop aggro on demand), cover a revive, distract and redirect enemies away from an overwhelmed teammate (dash behind them and start pushing; once invis wears off they will turn and follow you). There’s as many uses for it as there are situations in the game.

There’s no cheese in it imo; abusing 2s of stealth is not easy, and it’s benefits don’t come automatically. You have to practice it. If someone has near perfect timing, awareness, and the required level of knowledge about the AI and attack patterns, that’s called skill, not cheese. Heaven forbid that people that are good at the game are allowed to succeed at it!

True. I was just trying to suggest an alternative to her dash, which isn’t very similar to other Career’s Ults.

Her Stamina Regen buff and playstyle feel very supportive to me, but her Ult’s only reflect that insofar as she can reposition to her team quickly, or do Ult Revives/Med packs. It would be nice to have an Ult that was either directly for damage, or directly for support, much like WHC Ult, or some of the other Power/Temp HP Ults.

I thought I wasn’t clear about switching the Dash for a stationary attack, and thought I should tag you when responding to someone else so that in case I hadn’t made it clear to you.

Also, as it stands, she has no real reason for the CDR Talent, unless someone decides to do speedruns or there’s a very specific Weave she can somehow cheese with that and invis.

Sorry for the delay btw. I was moving house. :slight_smile:

It definitely needs a base effect beyond the dash, used to be dot but even that wasn’t very great for her role.

As a more tank front liner should be a defensive / group helper. Perhaps dazing enemies forcing next attack to miss within 3 seconds maybe with longer CD to compensate.


As a Handmaiden main, I concur that Dash is garbage since the change. It used to have a default bleed effect that was reasonably useful; you could kill a lot of chaff, it was useful for clearing out a common dangerous situation - that of mixed horde and lots of armor, leaving you with just armor to deal with.

Since the change, I play around with various talents, but they feel like gimmicks. Gift of L is good for getting a slight breather to snipe specials, that’s definitely still the best. Bladedancer isn’t very strong, just a little stronger than the old default Bleed, but it doesn’t functionally change much since (of the top of my head) I believe it only kills the same enemy types as before.

I honestly find myself mostly using it to get around faster or cross gaps. Very rarely do I use it for repositioning. It is, for sure, the least interesting ult in the game right now, which is too bad. In the last patch, even though there was only real talent choice (since Bladedancer was broken and there was very little point in taking cooldown reduction) I felt it was much more engaging. I got a bit of stealth at the end with Gift, I could use it for aggressive positioning/escapes, I could try to angle it to go through hordes at the optimal angle to rack up kills . . . it was enjoyable to min-max, to have that constant question; should I hold onto this for defense or use it for offense?

I think that the Dash needs to be a dodge state. That’s absolutely necessary. It needs a bit of lag on the end, too, because otherwise you Dash and start getting attacked before you can even react. I would not mind it getting back a default bleed, too.

Then get rid of the current Bladedancer. It’ll be easier to balance if it doesn’t have two damage points to consider. Keep Gift; in its current state it is useful. Replace Bladedancer with a new talent that changes her ult to some kind of defensive thing; perhaps just damage reduction for a few seconds. This will give her a good option for when Keri is your tank, so she’s not just abandoning her team mates to go dashing away. Short, simple. “Dash becomes Hold Ground, you take 40% reduced damage and your block cannot be broken for x seconds”. 4-6.

Finally, for the last talent, give Dash two charges. This way you can be hyper-offensive with it; Dash through a horde at two different spots to bleed a ton of enemies, or Dash in to deal some damage to the enemy rear then Dash back to your team.

This way you have three talents that actually fit Handmaiden’s “Jack-of-all-trades” role; one defensive, one utility, one offensive.


So you play QP and dont challenge yourself. Thats all i got from reading that part i quoted from you.

I play Legend and Cata, almost always solo. I’ve also done Deathwish, Onslaught, and True Solos. The one thing I rarely play (and I’ve been on this forum for a long time and mentioned this often) is QP.

With a good understanding of positioning and Handmaiden’s excellent dodge, there’s very rarely ever a need for Dash for an escape.