Halescourge Optimization (Xbox)

It’s in the title. (Xbox One X)

The frame-rate and optimization of the game on console is “okay” at best, but Halescourge is truly disgusting. Once players venture past the elevator/lift and approach the cliffside area, I think the amount of frames you get can be counted on two hands. I don’t care how beautiful the burning countryside is, I’d like to be able to see what’s going on without feeling like I’m trying to give a powerpoint presentation.

Apart from talking about Halescourge, this game can’t run on Xbox One X without crashing multiple times every session. If I’m not the one crashing, then it’s an instance where someone else is–if it’s not crashing, then it’s disconnecting and server issues, etc.

TL;DR–Your game is poorly optimized for Xbox, especially with regards toward Halescourge. Crashing is a rampant and frequent issue.

EDIT/UPDATE: Speaking from my own experience, the game runs much better after the most recent update on Wednesday that included memory optimization in all areas. Disconnects are still a problem, but I haven’t encountered any crashes since then, so that’s something.

Halescourge only got a slight improvement from the overall memory optimization–it’s still an unenjoyable slideshow every time players approach or focus their view in the general direction of the cliffside areas.

I very much agree with you,its very bad that this is happening even on the worlds most powerful console,
It screams of bad optimizing for the xb1x.
Hopefully they will fix this problem out because I’m really enjoying this game.

All of this can be fixed if the Devs allowed us to disable v-sync and use freesync for smooth gaming between 20Hz and 120Hz on supported displays.

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