Halescourge Bots Jumping to their Death

Okay, here’s the issue I’m encountering on Halescourge every time. When getting to the section where you go into the house to get around the broken bridge the jump across at the end almost every time leaves a bot hanging on the opposite side, you either have to let them die or go all the way back. Then there’s the other scenario, if ANY specials appear and attack every bot just freaks out and jumps off the ledge, I’ve lost like 10 of the 12 legend runs today from this and it’s getting frustrating. I’m going to start recording it now so if I don’t finish this one I’ll have a video.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:
    Play the mission Halescourge with bots.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you:
    Almost every time.

  • Screenshots and/or video evidence
    Edit: Uploaded the next run…amazingly I finished it (of course!) and only had a few bots go suicidal…craziness starts at 9:30 in the video…
    Suicidal Bots

Edit: Added tags…

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Replying to Bump…I added the link…

Oh Snap! Didn’t Realize I Was Recording Earlier…for Your Consideration:
Hilarious Bot Fail After Specials Exploded Us…

I Understand the Assassin Throwing Us Away When He Pounces But the Subsequent Ritual Suicide of the Bots Was Rough, Maybe Put a Boundary to Keep Them from Being So Prone to Jump Off the Edges When They Even Think a Special is Shooting in the Area?

I tested again today but didn’t record as I was in a hurry, all 3 bots jumped off again with no provocation this time, I’ll run it again after work and record this time but it’s for sure happening still.

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