Hadron taking orders (again)

Hadron offers services. How about one that is not instantaneous, but instead take days?

You surrender a weapon to Hadron and request one specific modification. Hadron then determines how much it will cost, and how long that will take, which will be several days. Later, when it is ready, you retrieve your modified weapon at the Shrine of the Omnissiah.

So you lose your favorite weapon for some time, but when you get it back it will be awesome.

Obviously, Hadron will not work on more than one order at a time for you, Varlets. But such craftsmanship can:

  • Unlock one blessing and replace it with another you have earned.


  • Unlock one perk and replace it with another from the catalog.

At Fatshark’s discretion, the catalog could have certain sections reserved for higher ranking players.

Preventing players from playing the game with the items they already have sounds pretty bad.

Think of it as an incentive for trying other weapons.

And an incentive for coming back to try your upgraded favorite.

TBF we already have a system where we can make a weapon not worth using.

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Your point being?

It is already hard enough to get one weapon that you want to use.
So why the hell would i want to give up that weapon for a few days?

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I’m assuming this is in addition to what we already have, and ignores the restrictions that are currently in place.

If it doesn’t, then I fully agree with you this would be an awful replacement for our current system.

What are you talking about?
What i just said would be a problem if this was added to the current system.
Who in their right mind would want to give up the access to their favorite weapon for no reason?

If you could put in a normal perk/blessing in and lock the other perk/blessing, then trade in your weapon for a couple of days to replace the locked perk/blessing, everyone would be willing to trade it in for a couple of days. Taking a weapon from effectively bricked to perfect by just trading it in would absolutely be worth it.

Ok and now explain to me, why you would WANT your weapon to be gone for days in order to be upgraded, when it does not need to be.

Since this entire interaction is purely theoretical, why willingly add this arbitrary and unnecessary step of „not being able to use the item for days“ before the upgrade is finished?

That is like making up an upgrade option for your item tht includes being kicked in the nuts before you are allowed to leave with your upgraded item.
Being kicked in the nuts is in no way connected to, or necessary for the interaction.
It is completely unnecessary and pointless to add this extra step.
„But if we did not have that upgrade option, how would we get our good items?“
How about you make up the same imaginary upgrade option, except it does not involve the unnecessary extra step of me getting kicked in the nuts for no reason?

When you make up a system that would allow for more player agency, why unnecessarily make it basically as bad and unfun to interact with, as possible?
Why incentivize the player to not play the game (or the character) for a few days?
You are asking the game to make you not want to play it for a few days.

Saying people would abandon playing the game just to help circumvent the crafting system is likely actually true, because it already happens with the online shop checker app thing, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good way to change things. It’s still a bad way to implement agency.

Because for some god awful reason, Fatshark is convinced that we shouldn’t get our perfect rolls in a timely manner. They seem to want us frustrated with the itemization, and at least this way would give us (both the player base and Fatshark) what we want, namely a way for players to deterministically get the perks/blessings that we want and for the players to be frustrated as hell in the itemization.

In a perfect world, we’d have the attaining of gear be that of VT 2 while the improving of gear be that of VT 1, where we can work our way towards our perfect weapons and have an armory full of options to play with. Where the sheer variety of playstyles that can be achieved with the perk/blessing combos are enough to keep people interested.

We’re not going to get that. We’re not even going to get a crap version of either. This at least has a chance of happening instead of being dismissed out of hand by Fatshark.