Guidelines for new players

I find it hard to progress in Darktide even though I’m a V2 Vet.

I’ve had some great first few games and I really enjoy the way Darktide is played and functions, But I can’t help but to feel a little lost when it comes to new players and The Malice difficulty, It seems to me that most people don’t know how to move as a team or how to deal with certain enemies, it can be hard coming in as a new player and there is a lot to learn and it can be hard to get a overview, so maybe we should focus on Descriptions for each difficulty, it would be nice to see a little description on what to focus on, and maybe on what to expect in each difficulty.
(maybe a enemy description as well)

Such as:
Sedition: Some enemies are harder to kill then others be ware. Shooting targets take advantage of cover so should you reject.
Uprising: Some enemies have distinctive sounds, sharpen your ears and you might just catch them before they come for the kill.
Malice: All enemies are significantly tougher so stay close and don’t move up too quick. Big and armored elites will be hard to contain but not hard to dodge, don’t be afraid to move back a bit.
(And so on)


(There are many enemies out there, small and fragile once come in hordes, easy to kill hard to contain)
(Big and armored Elites comes in small patches, They hit hard and can take a beating but they move slowly)
(Many kinds of Special unites will join the fight, they will make it especially hard to storm through or walk alone, Special unites always have distinctive sounds, so sharpen your ears Rejects)
(maybe even more specific)

Just an idea, I’m sure I’m not the best at descriptions or even the best to announce this issue but I hope you got the gist of it, and maybe looked into this when the main gameplay and functionality of the game is more stable.

Thanks for your time.


This is sorely needed, thanks for taking the time to put forth some suggestions - I hope FS see this! The descriptions sound great and I think the community as a whole will benefit from something like this. Solo speed runners can very easily really de-rail a mission that is otherwise going well, and information like this will help new players start to think about keeping an eye/ear out.

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