[Guide] Prepare for the Grail Knight by learning french

So it’s mostly a guide in order to play Kruber the Grail Knight perfectly.

By learning the most important sentences that you’ll then be able to use in your next trip to France or Bretonnia.

“I’m a bloody battering ram, that’s what I am !” → “Je suis un foutu bélier ! Voilà ce que je suis !”

Interestingly, “bloody” only means “getting bloodied” in french, which is why you use the term “foutu” which is closer to ‘freakin’’ but in a rather old french.
“Bélier” is the “ram” part of battering ram. Because context should give us the clue that it’s a battering ram rather than a real ram.

Accent wise, the ‘é’ is pronounced as in the English word “may” without the “m” and without pronouncing the second part of the vowel sound, associated to the letter y.

“We are the Ubersreik 5 or 4, doesn’t matter” →
“Nous sommes les Cinq d’Ubersreik, ou les Quatre, on s’en fout !”

Of course, Cinq (5) and Quatre (4) are the only french numbers you’ll ever need as Kruber, Grail Knight.

We specifically translate that as “The 5 from Ubersreik” as it sounds better. Names followed by numbers are usually used by the nobility and use roman numericals (like Louis XIV).

Did you know ?
“Quenelles”, one of the biggest Bretonnian region is actually named after a french speciality (from Lyon where I was born, which mostly gave the name of another region “Lyonesse”, both words being based on “lion” which is also written “lion” in french even if the pronunciation is not the same).

A quenelle is a mixture of creamed fish or meat, sometimes combined with breadcrumbs, with a light egg binding, formed into an egg-like shape, and then cooked.

Bordeleaux, another region of Bretonnia, is based on the City of Bordeaux (where I currently live :p). Both share the same thing, and it is “water”. Bordeaux and Bordeleaux both means “near the water” “Bord” means “edge” by itself, and “eau” or “eaux” (plural form) means water.


Merci beaucoup.


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