Grimoire Health Creep too damaging

The fact that having a grimoire eats away even at your white health over the round seems a bit too obnoxious, even if the starting penalty is lower. Compared to the scripture secondary objective that gives the exact same rewards, it’s too difficult to handle.


I haven’t had a problem with them. It’s usually slow/bad play (not necessarily you, but your team) that amplifies it’s effect. If you’re grabbing grims, everyone needs to know they have to keep a decent pace.

The thing is I thought it only ate away at missing health, but it seems to nibble down even full, white health. I’m not sure if it even has a cap, as it seems it’s possible to eat you down to 1 HP. It should at the very least only fill up where health is missing.

This is cope.
Literally the only reason to ever, under any circumstance, grab Grimoires is to complete weeklies you got stuck with after capping your rerolls. Otherwise, it gives you a meager hunk of XP and money, one of which is completely useless after 30 (thx Fatshark) and one of which is nigh-worthless after you’re already geared unless you just want to collect all the cosmetics. Edit: Scratch that, I’m sitting on 200k+ right now because I can’t get what I want out of the RNG storefront. WHAT AMAZING GAMEPLAY.

The health creep shouldn’t even be a thing, let alone in the state it’s currently in. I avoid Grimoires like the plague because they just aren’t worth it.


I think the issue is a deeper one. Specifically that for the penalty and difficulty increase, the proportional reward isn’t very much. Two grimoires at 3 wounds is what? Half health? For the amount of exp/dockets it yields I don’t see the benefit.

It’s just not worth going out of your way for them.


IMO it would be fine if grims were actually worth carrying. As it stands the increased payout isn’t particularly enticing compared to the risk. If we got drops for carrying them, it would be another story. I’d rather grimoires be more difficult (or: as difficult as current) and more rewarding than dumbing down the difficulty for the same measly rewards.

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Grims health drain is fine.
However, there isn’t really any good incentive to pick them up aside from doing weeklies.
The XP/money gain isn’t significant enough to risk it, especially when compared to scriptures - what grims have over scriptures? That they’re easier to find?

Grim health drain is kinda lame would be better to go back to just having it limit your wounds rather than just keep draining. Only way to fight this effect of corruption resistance on the curios which is similar to VT2. Biggest problem with grims and scripts is there is no good incentive to get them, does not even affect you getting a emperors gift.

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