Grail Knight Hero Power (ULT) doesn't seem to trigger weapon effects

Grail Knight Hero Power (ULT) doesn’t seem to trigger weapon trait effects. It was always inconsitent with Shard Strike but now it doesn’t trigger that OR Tempest (Manaan’s/ Chain Lightining) either.
It’s may not trigger any weapon trait effects now but I haven’t really tested others.

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That sounds intended to me. Career skills like Trueflight, Blessed Blade or Locked & Loaded have never been influenced by weapon traits or properties (unless some extremely specific and limited conditions and then only for Trueflight in this list). This has always been like this for campaign and for the Wastes.

The reason why Chain Lightning - for example - worked on the career skill before was that it had been a boon which affects the whole career unlike traits which only affect the weapon in question.

Not sure on the Shard Strike observation. It shouldn’t have worked before.

Off the top of my head I’m not sure - but I’ll query this with one of our Gameplay Developers and confirm when I hear back from them :slight_smile:

Many ults used to trigger weapon traits like Shard Strike and Regrowth. WS, OE,Pyro etc.

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Can confirm that it’s intended for Grail Knight ult to not trigger melee weapon traits :slight_smile:

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