Grail Knight Hammer heavies deal less damage than lights

I’m new to playing Grail Knight Kruber, and Kruber in general, so I was checking out some of his weapons and I saw that his Warhammer had amour piercing and I went to try it out right away on the armor dummies in the hold. I went to go smack it and I saw I was doing 40 damage per hit about and I was happy with it. But I use the 25% extra heavy attack damage perk on GK so I wanted to see what the damage was and it was… 10? I switched weapons and everything to see if it was just the hammer and it was. Not really game-breaking but still, could ruin someone trying to take down a chaos warrior or something if they use heavies instead of normal attacks. I’m using a great hammer with the second skin on, and Stamina and crit chance on it just incase it’s a super-specific bug. I got a video of it but I cant upload cuz the size is a too big. Just letting it be known out here.

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This is intended as far as i know, his light attacks on the warhammer are single target with high damage+stagger. Plus they´re downward swings for easy headshots.

The heavies are wide sweeping attacks with cleave and good stagger.


It seems that the mods should have tagged this as [not-a-bug] instead of [acknowledged].

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Yeah as already pointed out this is pretty standard for single target vs cleaving attacks. Generally one shouldn’t assume that heavy attacks will always be the better single target option. Every weapon and the use cases for its different attacks/combo chains are their own.

In general expect overheads to be your single target option while horizontal/shallow diagonals are your group option.

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