Going to make this post 1 more time

Ok this is a just a minor request. Im sure many will agree and it will most likely be easy to do for the devs since its already partially in game.

Allow for the option to show the damage output on enemies since its already shown on the dummy before a game. This helps with better knowledge of crits and headshots etc. Im aware there is a tic marker for when it happens, however most games have the option to show number damage. Thanks.

you can bet this will be added as a mod soon enough. but with the number of enemies on screen you can damage at once, I don’t think you’d get much valuable information from a hundred numbers flashing on screen over and over.

there are special audio effects that play when you crit/headshot that provide the info you want in the meantime.

it is true of the massive hordes being hard to see, however, they arent the real issue, mostly bosses and shielded units, etc. again its an option for it, so nobody “has” to have it on.

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