Glitchy pictures in the keep

Underneath the central, big picture frame in the keep, there’s a certain amount of smaller, glitchy ones
(0 to 3) you can’t modify what’s in them (sometimes it’s empty, sometimes the frame isn’t there at all) and sometimes different players see them differently. I haven’t seen it reported, it would be nice to get it fixed.

Those are the ones from the clients in the keep.

No picture - youre alone
1 picture - one client

Small frames should show what the clients have selected at the top position as a painting. Sometimes its bugged for some ppl and empty though.


Ah! I didn’t know.

It’s a very strange feature, though, as it should be about how you like your keep. I don’t see the point of it. Good to know though

Think of them as a way for the clients too to show off a bit of their collection, not only the host.

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