Magical disappearing painting

Issue Summary:
I just had a picture, that I can only “view”, but not apply any paintings. It was empty and it only offered me to “view” it. After restarting the game, it was completely gone.
The main difference I noticed is that, at first I was hosting a game and after restarting, I was not doing anything.

Steps to Reproduce:
dunno, that was completely random

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Hosting game, bugged picture:

After restart:

That’s where your clients painting above that one shows up when they join your keep. The painting above that one is the one you show off. When you join other keeps, your painting will show up there.

Edit: wait… that doesn’t look like the main picture spot above the keep. Where is that?

It’s the picture above the way to the bridge of shadows (behind the banners). So I think it is the main picture spot, you meant. I can post another screenshot later today xD

Ok, yes. That is it then. When ever someone joins your keep, or you join others. What ever picture they or you have above where those small ones showed up. That is where yours or their picture will show up to show off. So put your favorite one there.

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