GK quests progress reset

If a Grail Knight player replaces a Grail Knight bot, the quest and progress resets.

If a Grail Knight player disconnects or crashes but rejoins, the quest and progress resets.

This is the most annoying thing in V2 right now.

Especially, when you’re at a point in the game where there’s no possible way of actually completing the quest but you’re not close enough to the end of the game to where it wouldn’t matter.

The quests selected at start of mission should remain the same and the progress should be saved if a Grail Knight replaces a Grail Knight.

What’s the point of using the Grail Knight bot at all if another Grail Knight player is just going to replace your quests and remove that progress?

Please fix.


On a side note can the GK quests be set (and gain progress) even if a GK isn’t present at start of mission and later joins. That way a late join GK isn’t pointless. Exception should be the strength pot quest because a GK joining and pooping out ~3 pots would be pretty strong.

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