Give option to disable chat box

Don’t want to see to that guy who was constantly bad all game try to blame everyone else at the end of a failed run.

Don’t want to see to hate speech or playground slurs from fifteen year olds.


Its annoying.

There is a chat filter (on by default) and you can block players. That should really be all you need.

It sounds like you are asking for the option to fully disable the chat, which is a questionable request, considering that this is a COOP game.
If you are trying to prevent ALL communication from reaching you, that sounds like unsportsmanlike conduct to me.


It’s alright ive got a solution I’m just going to mute everyone in every game I join.

Can still co-op using the in game function “enemy here” “go there” etc

I find it ironic that a person like you is complaining about other people behaving in a toxic way.




What are you talking about?

Sitting at 60-70 hours, lvl 30 ogryn and zealot, never had any flamer in a game. Literally never. Not saying it it didn’t happened to you OP, but I played games where it was the norm, not here.

DT may have flaws, but players I play with are more friendly than whining cry babies

I am talking about you, (possibly jokingy) talking about just insta muting everyone.
You are talking about removing the ability of people to communicate with their party member (you), without them having done anything wrong.
Because you can not handle to see a few annoying messages from a bad actor (until you block that specific bad actor) once in a while.

I don‘t know about your region, but in my region, these bad actors are few (maybe one every 10 games or so, so 1/30 ppl).
Meanwhile, your „just block everyone“ behavior would result in you treating 29/30 ppl unfairly and lowering the success chance of each run you are involved in.


I would like the “Ok” & “negative” buttons added to the menu. It’s really annoying… especially as some people just dont use voice chat or dunno maybe feel bad about their english? It would really help to add these for them… & as for me I would love to use “negative as response to come here here here spam” when i look for book or “ok” when someone wants me to pick something like medical or ammo box etc. or come to the designated place.

I’ve been playing a lot over the Christmas break. Most people are pretty nice but now and then i’ve bumped into some quite toxic people. I didn’t know there was a mute option in the social tab until this evening ill just use that.

Most people have been alright sometimes its them I see getting hassle from another person in out team for making a mistake or whatever.

You think the chat box help’s your success chance? :smiley:

I am not toxic or un sportsman like quite the opposite in fact… buuuut your all still getting muted.


i would love to be able to disable chat

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To some degree, yes. If it is a struggling group.

Sounds a bit like it though.

I remember seeing a guy complain about the block list having a limited amount of space. Something like 50 ppl iirc.
So if you actually intend to mute EVERYONE, remember to empty the block list every day or so.

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Block and mute are not the same thing I assumed… Block would mean I wont randomly join a game with them in mute means I cant see their chat/hear the comms (which is muted by default anyway)

You think I’m toxic?

I’m polite fairly well spoken and have not insulted you once. Someone having a different opinion to you is not toxic. However someone calling you and your family names because they lost at a video game is.

If you think I cant handle toxicity and you label me as such here in this thread I wonder how you would react and by the way all of your message’s right here are low key annoying and I’m fine lol.

Anyway enough I’m not going to continue this conversation decision is made.


I have no idea if there is a difference. I do not use either.

As i explained, your unwillingness to communicate with anyone, due to a few bad apples, seems toxic to me.

I totally agree. But as i explained, this is not why i think you might be toxic.

I would likely not react at all.
While i would not equate

  • you not wanting to talk to anyone


  • someone constantly flaming people in the chat

I woul still deem both behaviors to be toxic (although not to the same degree ofc).

How come you find them annoying? I was simply having a polite and well spoken discussion with you. I did not insult you and while i disagreed with you on some issues, i also offered functioning solutions to your problems.

Well have a good day then.

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You love that meme don’t you?

yeh :smiley: